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I help ECE business owner to achieve best possible botton line by
driving the expenses down without affecting the quality of the service

Our Services- what we do



​​I would identify the cost down and growth opportunities for Free.  Once you happy about the findings, I would provide business owners a bespoken and effective business report which you can use to realize the saving straight away

Business expenses benchmarking-- We will comparing your business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies.  We will come up with cost saving plan to drive down expenses without affecting the quality of service delivered.   We will not only talk but we will be implementing the strategy so you will see the real saving added up on your business bottom line.      

​Purchase due diligence-- When people buying ECE business, only limited information will be released by the vendor such as financial report, brief business backgroud. We discovered the EBITD figures only tell part of the business perfomance, so we come up a list of questions specificly designed when doing due diligency, so you know exactly what you buying for, where the risks. It is great took to saving your money when negotiating the buying price.

Marketing Campaign  Developing a community base is imperative for any business looking to thrive. Consumers don't want to just purchase a product or service; they want to be like a valued customer. Having a place where a community can form online (forums, messaging boards, Facebook, etc.) gives them the ability to ask questions and get real answers. It also allows for enthusiasts to talk with one another and help each other with getting to know the company and products offered. This also allows businesses to inform and discuss with their customers about the different products. We will assist you for all digital plantfor developent to drive up the occupancies.

Recuitment-- We providing recruitment service to ECE services in great Auckland area.


For ECE teaching Opportunity

ECE teachers--frustrated with your current work enviroment or thecurrent pay, send us your CV and tell us your preferral work location, we will approach ECE managers and find your the dream job.


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